The Ministry will be governed by five (5) officer positions, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant At Arms. Other offices include Road Captain. Any member holding an office within the Ministry will wear a patch designating their office. This patch will be worn on the front, upper right of the Ministry vest. The rules of succession between offices will not be practiced within Trials To Triumph. (Example: If the Ministry Treasurer were to quit, or not be able to perform his duties, the Sgt. At Arms would not automatically move up into that position because he might not be qualified for or want that position.) If an officer does not, or is unable to perform his duties, or quits his office, it will be the responsibility of the President to appoint someone to that position until the regularly scheduled election. The 5 governing officers will meet every month unless it is needed to meet before then due to any emergency situations that may arise.

Elections will be held every two (2) years on the FIRST MONDAY in January for the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sgt. At Arms. Any member wishing to run for an office will submit his name to the Ministry Secretary by the December General Meeting, prior to the election. When the Original Founding President steps up to accept the position of National Director, he will then appoint his replacement as President who will hold that position until the next scheduled election date.


The President shall preside over all officer and general membership meetings. He will oversee all affairs of the Ministry and may appoint persons or committees as may be required for Ministry business. If any officer in the Ministry is unable to, or fails to perform his duties, it is the responsibility of the President to appoint a replacement until the general election.

Billy P - President

President - Billy P.After 20 years of active addiction Billy found himself living in a tent in the alleys of Detroit eating out of dumpsters doing everything he said he would never do and becoming everything he said he would never become. At this point he had already given everything away to the disease of addiction including his mother, father, brother and sisters. He had become a hopeless drunken dope fiend who was totally self-centered and would do or say anything to just get one more. He accepted and believed that he was excluded from Gods great plan and became very angry at God for many years and accepted that he was just suppose to be this way. He hurt the people who cared about him the most, the worst. On November 11th 2004 he was full of hurt, hate, anger, shame, guilt, embarrassment, false pride resentments and pain. Billy says “I had finally received the best gift any addict can receive and that is the gift of desperation.” Billy went into his first and only residential treatment center and started his process of recovery. He has not had to pick back up since that date and continues to grow becoming the person he was intended to be all along. Today he is no longer just a dope fiend, we can and do recover. Today Billy is the owner of Pfeiffer’s Mechanical Services, founder and president of Trials To Triumph M/M, founder and Senior Pastor of Crossing Over Ministry and founder of More Than A Passion Outdoors. He is also a renowned advocate in the recovery community fighting to end the stigma of addiction. The process of recovery has given Billy a life that he could never have imagined was possible for a person like himself. Today he travel the country speaking in many different buildings and in front of many different groups of people and instead of bringing a mess, he is used to bring a powerful, passionate and encouraging message of hope.

"Today, I am full of gratitude and thankfulness; I am highly favored and truly blessed. I am a soldier fighting the good fight out on the battlefields and doing whatever I can to be of service to others."

Billy P

Vice President

The Vice President shall perform all duties incumbent upon the President during the absence of the President.

Brian M. - Vice President

Vice PresidentMy name is Brian Mullins I am the V.P. of Trials to Triumph and I am an Alcoholic/Addict. I have been sober since March 9th 2008. By the grace of God and a 12 step program I live a truly amazing life today. Just because I say today I live a truly amazing life doesn't mean the road leading to it wasn't rough and trying due to the disease of addiction you see there were times when I truly didn't care about life or anyone in it I wanted what I wanted and that was the drink and after the drink I wanted whatever I could get and as much as I could find. My addiction wants me to lie, cheat and steal and that is exactly what I did to feed my sick mind. March 9th 2008 when I came to I knew something had to change and I had the law to push me in the right direction they gave me plenty of time on the concrete to detox and then clean enough clothes to feel decent for a few more days. When I was released I immediately started to attend a 12 step program and that's where this alcoholic/addicts transformation started to take place.

"In order to keep what was so freely given to me I must give it away and in that process I pray I can help someone else with their own transformation."

Brain M.


The Secretary shall keep a record of all proceedings and shall keep the minute's at all monthly meetings. Within one week of the monthly meetings he will distribute the minutes to the Ministry membership, either in writing or by email.

John S. - Secretary

AvatarMy name is John Sedlack, I am the Secretary for Trials to Triumph Ministry and also a member of a Twelve Step Recovery Program. I have been in the program since April 1 2006. The program has given me a new life. Since my beginning I have sponsored people , chaired meetings , and I was the chair for Cooperating with the Professional Community -District 10 area 32 in Michigan 2007-2009. I am a firm believer that in order to keep what you have you have to give it away, The Spiritual life is not a theory we have to live it. That is why being in this Ministry is so rewarding , being able to reach out to lots of people across the state and on social media. I love the direction that the Ministry is going and it keeps me busy.

"Keep on Keeping on, Trust GOD clean house help others. May peace be with you."

John S.


The Treasurer must account for all income and expenditures of the Ministry. He will maintain an accounting journal and log all transactions by the Ministry. He will give a financial report at each monthly meeting showing the current wealth of the Ministry. He must insure that all disbursements of Ministry money are approved as follows: Disbursements under $100 must be with the knowledge & approval of the Pres. and V-Pres. Disbursements of $100 and under $500 must be approved by majority vote of the five (5) Ministry officers. Disbursements of $500 or more must have unanimous approval by the officers. He will be responsible for collecting any and all Dues or Fees required by the Ministry.

Road Captain

The Road Captain shall be responsible for the safety of the membership any time the Ministry rides as a group. He will review routes for safety concerns, and will assist other riders in practicing safe driving while traveling in formation. He will be responsible for scheduling departure times and locations for trips or rides, and will communicate this information to all the membership. In the event that the Senior Road Captain is unable to take part in a Ministry run or trip, he will pick a Road Captain and two (2) Assistants to lead the Ministry in his absence, and will help them in their preparation, if needed.

Ken H. - Treasurer & Road Captain

AvatarMy name is Ken Hutchison and I am the Treasurer for Trials To Triumph. After 30 years of active addiction I finally surrendered to God and a 12 step program on July 1st 2002. I am married to a wonderful women who I love dearly, have 3 children and 4 grandkids. If it wasn’t for God and the 12 step program I would not have any of my family because of the rotten person I had become. I am very grateful for the new life I have been given and now try to give back to society and help others.

"I love seeing others finally find God and grow in the 12 step program and become the person they were supposed to be all along."

Ken H.

Sergeant At Arms

The Sgt at Arms shall promote safety throughout the Ministry. His duties include maintaining order during all Ministry meetings, events and functions, and to protect the rights of the Ministry and its members. It is also his duty to manage all complaints and to bring them to the attention of the President. The Sgt. At Arms will also keep an up to date record of all members to make sure that each member's motorcycle driver's license, motorcycle insurance, bike registration and inspection are all current. It will also be the job of the Sgt. At Arms to keep a current attendance record book showing the attendance of both patched Members as well as Prospects at all Ministry events.

Brain D. - Sergeant-at Arms

AvatarHi my name is Brian D. and I am an addict. I am also the Sergeant At Arms for Trials To Triumph M/M. God has blessed me with a wonderful, beautiful wife Jamie, and two fantastic kids. My daughter Emily, and my son Ben. I grew up in a small town called Vernon in mid Michigan. I had a "normal" childhood with two great parents. They both provided for myself and my sister very well, we had more than what we needed in all aspects. Despite a good home, and many blessings (that I took for granted) I still ended up in a self inflicted hell when my poor choices developed into the disease of addiction. I started partying in high school, mostly drinking, and was never too much into the drug scene. I had no idea where I was headed. I was under the illusion that just because I didn't drink every day, and still managed school and a job, that I wasn't like those "drunks and addicts". The fact that I was never able to "drink casually" that when I did drink it was all out, and I viewed every opportunity as a challenge to "drink more than you", never crossed my mind as a problem. I was always on a constant mission to prove something to everyone. It wasn't until later, after I began my recovery process that I learned that was the start of a long downward spiral into addiction. After high school, I attended college for a couple of years, started a business, got married, and thought I had the world by the tail. Somewhere in that time frame, I was introduced to opiate pain meds. It was love at first sight. I began to use everyday from day one, and as my disease progressed, the usage steadily increased, and my life began to slowly deteriorate. For several years I was full throttle down that spiral until I finally hit my bottom. My wife was done with me, my kids were tortured by my choices and actions, I didn't want to live anymore. I checked into my third round of residential rehab on 1-19-2010 and finally surrendered. I grabbed a hold of the 12 step process, and have been moving forward down the recovery path ever since.

"I thank God for leading me to the 12 steps, I thank the 12 steps for leading me to God! Thanks for reading, God bless, and remember WE DO RECOVER!"