We are a group of people who carry a message instead of a mess. We use our personal "Trials" mistakes, bad choices and our poor decisions to bring hope to those who feel hopeless, love to those who think they are unlovable and rest to those who are tired of fighting. We are a group of people who at one point in our own process were labeled by this world as being outcasts, lowlife, nobody's that would never amount to anything because of the things we have done in our past. We ride the highways and byways on motorcycles reaching out to our Brothers and Sisters who are right where we once were and show them by example that this world is clueless when it comes to who we really are. We have all made mistakes in our lives however nobody is a mistake.

We will continue to fight the good fight!

Trials To Triumph is open to any motorcycle enthusiast who wants to be a part of a brotherhood (family).

All decisions affecting the Ministry will be voted on by the membership present. The voting membership, or FULL MEMBERS, consists of only patched members that wear the Crossing Over Ministry "Trials To Triumph" patch on the back of their Ministry vest. In the event a tie vote occurs, the final decision will rest with a majority vote by the Five Ministry officers.

The Ministry patches will consist of two (4) patches.

  1. Your name patch will be placed on the right side of your leather or embroidered.
  2. The smaller Trials To Triumph patch is to be placed on the front left side of your leather or shirt, on or above your heart.
  3. The large Trials To Triumph patch will be placed on the back of your leathers, and will be the only patch displayed on you back with no other patches at all.
  4. All officers will have a patch displaying their position within the ministry located on the right side of leather under their name.


Trials To Triumph retains ownership of all patches. Any member leaving the Ministry, for any reason, will return all patches and anything else that has the Trials To Triumph logo and trade mark on it to the President of Trials To Triumph within 48 hours of leaving.


GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS:Will be held on the First (1st) MONDAY of each month at a designated location. These meetings are very important, and every member should make every attempt to attend the general membership meetings. For the Ministry to thrive and prosper, it requires the participation of every member. Any member, upon learning that they will be unable to attend these meetings, or any other event planned by the Ministry, should send out a text message or contact the Sgt At Arms advising him of the situation. This will prevent time lost or wasted, waiting on a member that is not going to attend. Remember, it is a requirement for Patched Members and Prospects to attend a minimum of 4 Ministry events every month.We cannot express how important the monthly general membership meeting is, allowing us all to be on the same page.

DUES & FEES: Yearly dues will be paid by the First (1st) Monday in March. For FULL MEMBERS and PROSPECTS, the annual dues will be $150.00 for each member. The only other FEE that the Ministry has is the ONE TIME, NON-REFUNDABLE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FEE of $150.00 that covers the cost of your two Trials To Triumph patches. Any other fees needed for the day to day operation of the Ministry will be dealt with on an individual basis and voted on by the membership.

FULL MEMBERS RESPONSIBILITIES: A full patch member MUST own a motorcycle.A full patched member MUST have a minimum of ONE (1) year clean and sober. A full member must make an effort to attend all meetings, events, and functions, and be dedicated to maintaining the Trials To Triumph ministry. He must help out other members in any way possible, whenever possible. He must show appropriate respect to fellow members, and other clubs and ministries. He must be a mentor to Prospects, showing them the ways of the Ministry. He must always remember that when he wears the patches of Trials To Triumph, that he represents the whole Ministry, and must never act in a manner that would bring discredit or dishonor to the Ministry. He MUST wear his Ministry vest at all Ministry functions and events. Any FULL MEMBER that has not attended at least Four (4) out of the Ten (10) monthly scheduled events, functions, or meetings will be asked to turn in his Patches to one of the five Ministry officers. It is a requirement for every FULL MEMBER to attend a minimum of Four (4) out of the Ten (10) monthly Ministry functions to remain in good standings and a FULL MEMBER. The exception to this rule would be if the member, or his family, has a medical emergency that would prevent him from being active in the Ministry for long periods of time. The Ministry Officers will deal with these situations on an individual basis, and will make decisions accordingly.

PROSPECT RESPONSIBILITIES: Prior to PROSPECTING, the PROSPECT must have a minimum of SIX (6) months clean and sober. To become a member of Trials To Triumph, a person is required to PROSPECT for a period of Six (6) months, during which the Prospect must attend certain Ministry functions, thus giving the sitting membership time to get to know the individual. During this period, the Prospect will wear a PROSPECT patch on the back of his vest. Once the Prospect receives his PROSPECT patch, it is his responsibility to see that his patch has been sewn properly onto a vest, and worn to the next Ministry event that he attends. A Prospect will NEVER attend a Ministry function without his Ministry vest. During the Prospect period, the Prospect should make every attempt to meet ALL sitting members of the Ministry by introducing himself, shaking hands, and making sure that the sitting members know he is serious about becoming a member of Trials To Triumph. At weekly breakfasts or dinners, it is the Prospects duty to enter the restaurant first to insure that seating arrangements are ready for the membership when they arrive. For the safety of the Prospect during his Prospecting period, the Prospect will only wear his Prospect patch when he is either riding to or from a Ministry function, or when he is riding with another full patch member of the Ministry. A Ministry function is defined as any event such as Ministry meetings, breakfast, dinner, any ride or run, or any event where the Ministry gathers. A full patch member is defined as any member wearing a full (complete) back patch with Crossing Over Ministry "Trials To Triumph" displayed on the back patch. Prior to joining the Ministry and receiving their Prospect Patch, all new Prospects must show proof that they have a current and valid Driver's License with a Motorcycle Endorsement. They must also show that they have current Insurance on the motorcycle they will be riding in the Ministry. Likewise, the Prospect's Inspection and Registration must be current on their bike.

PROSPECT SPONSOR RESPONSIBILITIES: A Sponsor must be a mentor to the Prospect, and guide him through the process of becoming a member of Trials To Triumph. It is the Sponsor's job to make sure that the Prospect knows the requirements to become a member, and to keep track of where his Prospect is in the process. Once the Prospect has completed all the requirements to become a member, it is the Sponsor's job to bring this to the attention of the President. The Sponsor will advise the President that the Prospect has completed his requirements. At the next general meeting, the President will call for a vote of membership on the Prospect.

PROSPECT VOTING: Once a Prospect has completed the requirements as set forth within these Bylaws, and the Prospect's Sponsor has advised the President that the Prospect is ready for a vote; the Prospect will be voted on during the next scheduled monthly meeting. To become a member, the Prospect must receive a majority vote of the voting membership present. Any negative votes must be explained to the membership. If the Prospect does not receive a majority vote, the decision will be made by the Ministry officers whether to extend the Prospect's time, or to dismiss the Prospect. The Prospect will not be present in the room during the voting process. If the Prospect receives a majority vote for full membership, he will be awarded his patches. Then he will replace his Prospect patch with a Trials To Triumph patch and will return his prospect patch to be reused.

DISCIPLINARY ACTION: If any member within the Ministry should do anything that causes dissension among the members, or does anything that goes against Trials To Triumph values or any other secular group or club, the matter will be brought to the attention of the President. It will be decided upon by the President if he will take care of the matter personally or turn the matter over to the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sgt At Arms, who will look into the matter and act accordingly. Occasionally, situations will arise that involve special circumstances. Such situations will be handled by the five (5) Ministry officers, and it will be up to them to determine what action will be taken in these matters. There are consequences behind every choice and every decision. We are all human and are all work in progress and not one of us will ever be perfect, however there are some disciplinary actions that need to be a part of our structure or foundation that apply to everyone.

  1. In the case of a relapse, the Patched Member or Prospect will return his patches and all other material with Trials To Triumph trademark on it to the President of Trials To Triumph. If the President relapses, he will return his patches and his trademark items to the Vice President. If a Member or a Prospect relapses and asks for help, we will use our many contacts and resources to get them the help they need. If the person still wants to be a part of Trials To Triumph, they must have a minimum of SIX (6) months clean and sober before they meet the requirements to Prospect once again. They can however become a Supporter during the first SIX (6) months as long as they are clean and sober. This would give them the opportunity to continue to go to Ministry events and stay plugged in with the Members and Prospects.
  2. Showing up to a Ministry event or function without wearing your Trials To Triumph BACK PATCH will be a fine of $25.00 and will be paid immediately to the TREASURER and will go into the Trials To Triumph account. We are not doing this because we want your money, we are doing this because it is important to wear your BACK PATCH and represent Trials To Triumph with Pride, Honor and Integrity.
  3. Any FULL MEMBER who does not attend the minimum required monthly Ministry functions will be removed as a FULL MEMBER and will turn in his Patches and his trademark items to the President. We are enforcing this because it has taken years of hard work to get Trials To Triumph to where it is today. Our job is to carry the message, not to create a mess. If a person wants to wear the Trials To Triumph patch, they not only have to work for it and earn it but will have to continue to show their dedication by carrying a message and serving others. If you just want to look cool with a patch on your back riding your bike down the road, then go buy yourself a Sons of Anarchy patch off of eBay and have at it. Trials To Triumph is not about being cool or saying hey look at us, we are a Ministry with a purpose and a mission. We are here to fight the good fight and it will continue to take hard work and dedication from everyone, together we can do what we cannot do alone.
  4. When riding with Trials To Triumph together, a Patched Member will not have a passenger on the back of their bike blocking the view of their patch. In many cases this can be resolved by the passenger wearing a Supporter patch. There are some exceptions like passengers who are children or in times when you might have an unexpected passenger on your bike for a short period or distance.

Trials To Triumph is a Registered Trademark, and is protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Anything with the Trials To Triumph trademark (logo) on it is property of the Ministry. Any Member leaving Trials To Triumph for any reason will surrender all materials with the trademark (logo) on it to the President willingly and without confrontation. This includes but is not limited to Patches, shirts, hats, coats, flags, banners, any jewelry as well as any other clothing items. We do this to protect the reputation and the integrity of the existing Members and the Ministry as a whole.

It is the purpose of these Bylaws to preserve and protect the integrity and character of Trials To Triumph for its membership, and to promote the ideals Trials To Triumph was founded for, GOD, recovery, brotherhood, fun, fellowship, family and riding

Files coming soon.